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Brand Design

I enjoy taking part in passion projects and mock briefs, in order to keep my creative juices flowing, and showcase them as part of my portfolio. This brief was part of a ‘Daily Logo Challenge’ I took part in: Create a wordmark logo and identity for an upscale fashion brand. 

I decided to celebrate my roots, by creating a Scottish fashion label called ‘‘. Deriving from the Scottish-Gaelic word ‘sóghail’, which translates to luxury/luxurious. I then shortened this to Só, as it is simpler, but remains meaningful (and easier to say!)


I wanted to create something classic and timeless, taking inspiration from iconic fashion brands such as Chanel, Prada and Gucci. The brief asked for something luxurious and chic, so I thought a limited colour palette would work well for this. 

Initial Ideas

Final Branding

Só frosted shop window graphic mockup with opening times
Só clothing label mockups with sizes small and medium
Woman walking down the street carrying a Só shopping bag
Só business card mockup on neutral background
Outdoor billboard mockup for Só fashion brand
Só signage for shop front, luxury clothing brand
Clothing wrapped in Só branded tissue paper in box

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