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Brand Design

Nacho Mama’s Taco Truck

I enjoy taking part in passion projects and mock briefs, in order to keep my creative juices flowing, and showcase them as part of my portfolio. This brief was part of a ‘Daily Logo Challenge’ I took part in: Create a logo and branding for a food truck you would get your next meal from. I’m partial to a taco and a mountain of nachos myself, so I thought I would create a design for a taco truck!


I wanted to create something fun and bright for this brief, something to catch the eye of anyone passing by and entice them into trying a tasty taco. I wanted to incorporate a bold colour scheme to represent the fiery fusion of flavours found in every bite. 

Initial Ideas

Final Branding

Nacho Mama's menu lying on table next to nachos and salsa
Nacho Mama's loyalty cards on bright orange and purple background
Table with plates of tacos, nachos, guacamole and Nacho Mama's takeaway box
Three stickers for Nacho Mama's: mild, hot and extra hot

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