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Brand Design

Cyberspace Design

My very talented sister, Rachel, wanted me to help her create a logo and full branding for her web design portfolio/business. She had a few different ideas she wanted to explore before settling on a final theme, including a leafy jungle feel, nautical style with anchors and rope, and a futuristic space theme.

After creating a few different moodboards exploring these themes, she decided to go with the space idea as it tied in best with web design. We worked together to develop the brand’s identity, using mindmaps to generate some different routes that this could take. 

We decided to focus on these main keywords: Cyberspace, Infinite, Connection and Design. From here, the name Cyberspace Design was created.


Rachel was interested in using gradients and negative space in her branding, so I created this moodboard which matched the vibe that she was going for.

Deep navy with hints of light blue and vibrant purple were the perfect colour palette to compliment this galactic style.

Initial Ideas

Final Branding

Navy, purple, blue gradient stylised text for cyberspace
Purple and blue colour palette for Cyberspace Design
Star and planet brand elements for Cyberspace Design
Scattered space themed business cards on dark concrete
Cyberspace Design branded white hoodie lying on wooden table
Bundle of Cyberspace Design metal pin badges
Space and galaxy themed mouse mat with white apple mouse

Website Design

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entire design!

Website was designed and created by Cyberspace Design, using branding and elements designed by White Lotus Design.

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