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Brand Design

Blonde Ambition

I enjoy taking part in passion projects and mock briefs, in order to keep my creative juices flowing, and showcase them as part of my portfolio. This brief was to create a logo and branding for a hair salon and wig specialists ‘Blonde Ambition‘. 

The salon welcomes clients with medical and non medical hair loss conditions, making it a safe haven for all their customers. The brief asked for subtle pastel colours to be used, reflecting the caring, empathetic service that is offered at the salon. These colours, paired together with bold patterns represent the strong, diverse, ambitious women waiting to unleash their inner beauty through their hair.


I wanted to incorporate some pastel pinks and purples into the branding to show off the soft, caring services provided at the salon. Bold patterns like leopard print represent the amazing transformations that these women go through, allowing them to feel like their fabulous selves!

Initial Ideas

Final Branding

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